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MR2 Sequential Manual Transmission (SMT)

Exhilaration at your fingertips.
Sequential Manual Transmission (SMT) lets you change gear without having to declutch. This race track technology leaves the driver free to concentrate on acceleration, braking and achieving the optimum driving line, whilst cornering or overtaking. SMT goes a long way towards increasing the enjoyment and safety of the MR2 sports car experience.

SMT applies the clutch automatically using a hydraulic actuator without the driver having to do anything. An electronic throttle is also used to select the correct engine speed for the change, whilst sensors and an electronic control unit manage the gearbox.

The driver just has a functional chrome gear-stick that is pushed backwards for a higher gear and pushed forward for a lower one. This shift direction takes account of the natural body position during acceleration and deceleration.

The MR2 SMT is not only hot, it' s smooth too: Push the MR2 to the limit and change up to the next gear without taking your foot off the accelerator. Change down under heavy braking and only the throaty engine tone and the dashboard-mounted display tell you that a new gear has been selected.

SMT is also the MR2' s guardian angel: It protects the engine and gearbox from overloading through driver errors, such as placing the gear-stick in R (reverse) while the car is moving forwards, or shifting down too much causing engine over-revving. Here a warning buzzer and indicator lamp back up the protective control system that safeguards this thoroughbred engine.

The MR2 equipped with the SMT is also city-proven: The SMT system will automatically return to 1st gear while stopped with the engine running. This ensures a quick getaway from traffic lights.

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